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A mixture of local and imported pulp made from softwood (NZ pine) and hardwood (Eucalyptus) trees is mixed with water to create a large mixture of pulp.

The pulp mixture is then spread across a long continuous fabric. It passes through a number of stages to extract water and dry the tissue.



Local clean steam is collected from a geothermal bore and travels along pipes to the factory. This eliminates the need for gas fired boilers. The geothermal bore is owned and operated by local Maori Iwi.



The large tissue paper rolls, called ‘mother reels’, are made locally in Kawerau, Bay of Plenty. Purex mother reels can weigh up to three tonnes each, similar to the weight of three cars.

Up to 59% of the energy we use at Kawerau to make Purex is renewable, such as hydroelectricity and local, naturally occurring geothermal steam, bringing the renewable energy over the entire life cycle of Purex to 73%.

We are the only tissue paper manufacturer in NZ and that’s a big part of what makes Purex so special.


Finished Products

Tissue paper from the mother reels are layered together, embossed, printed and wound onto recycled cardboard cores to create Purex toilet roll “logs”. The “logs“ are cut into toilet roll lengths for standard white and mega-long rolls.

All products are wrapped using recyclable materials under the FSC® and Eco Choice Aotearoa certifications.

We encourage you to recycle the cardboard core and soft plastic.



Purex finished product is transported to our customers around NZ for consumers to purchase.



Purex has been loved by NZ households for over 65 years, we think you know what happens next……………


Purex toilet tissue is dispersible; strong in use but breaks down easily in water.