Purex is the environmental choice 2020

Purex is the environmental choice 2020

We don’t just talk about Purex being environmentally responsible. We have proof.

As a business, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously.

So much so that we decided to get our performance checked out independently. To see how we shaped up according to best practice international standards.

We were stoked with the results. We are now the first toilet tissue manufacturer in New Zealand with a proven claim – also known as an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) – on renewable energy

The study investigated every stage of a Purex toilet roll’s lifecycle and we discovered some amazing facts.

From forest to flush, most of the energy needed to harvest, make and transport a Purex toilet roll comes from renewable sources. And in the case of Purex Mega 6 rolls, 73% of the energy used is renewable.

So how do we do it?

It all starts with the 100% responsible, 0% controversial forests where our pulp logs are grown. They come from environmentally sustainable plantations which are properly protected for future generations.

Once our local and international suppliers have made our raw materials, we can get started on making the toilet tissue at our local site in Kawerau.

Both the pulp suppliers and our tissue manufacturing site use a LOT of renewable energy.

At Kawerau for example, local geothermal steam goes directly into the manufacturing process. That means we don’t have to make steam using a conventional natural gas boiler.

We’re also the only tissue paper manufacturer that actually makes the paper in New Zealand. It’s a big part of what makes Purex so special.

Finally, we turn the paper into Purex toilet rolls, package it and ship it to our customers all around New Zealand for consumers to purchase. We think you know what happens next…


Why is using renewable energy important?

Using renewable energy instead of fossil fuels means we have a smaller carbon footprint. It limits the release of greenhouse gases that can lead to climate change.

So, by using Purex you’re not only supporting sustainable manufacturing. You’re also backing the renewable energy we use to get the job done.

Purex – Soft On You, Soft On Our Environment.

You can read the Purex summary here or all the detail in our Environmental Product Declaration.

April 2020