Purex & the Gut Foundation 2022

Purex & the Gut Foundation 2022

It’s time to ‘Review Your Poo’, New Zealand! Knowing what is normal for you – and actively seeking medical advice if something’s not quite right – is the key to early detection of a wide range of bowel issues, says Gut Foundation General Manager Margaret Fitzgerald.

To tackle this tricky topic, the Gut Foundation has teamed up with its platinum sponsor, Purex. The ‘Review Your Poo’ campaign, which will run throughout the year, will include supermarket pop-ups and giveaways, appearances from the famous Purex Rolly dog, and a travelling port-a-loo painted by well-known street artist, Jacob Yikes.

“We are really trying to capture people’s attention with this eye-catching campaign because we want all New Zealanders to be more aware about their gut and bowel health,” Margaret says. “It’s so important we start to remove the hesitancy people have about discussing their poo. New Zealand has one of the highest rates of bowel cancer in the world; 70,000 people in New Zealand are living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease; and approximately one in 100 New Zealanders are affected by Coeliac Disease. Understanding what is normal for each individual’s bowel health is essential, so people can identify any changes and seek early medical treatment, if it is needed.”

Purex Essity Australasia Senior Brand Manager Donna Wafer says the company is proud to stand by the Gut Foundation’s side to educate the public in a campaign that affects each and every New Zealander.

 “We were so excited when Gut Health approached us to partner with them. It was a natural fit, reviewing your poo and toilet paper! But we were extremely alarmed when Margaret shared with us the statistics around bowel cancer in NZ so we have decided to make 2022 the year we draw attention to the importance of your gut health. Rolly will be a great tool to engage children and create some fun on the campaign trail.”

Global company PolyJohn has donated the GPS-tracked port-a-loo for the use of the campaign, which will travel the country visiting stores and offices.

Having the famed Purex Rolly dog join the campaign will be a big win, Margaret says. Alongside the cuteness factor for children, Rolly’s appearances will be a nostalgic trip down memory lane for adults, who remember the iconic Purex television ads in the 1990s.

As the Gut Foundation’s Platinum sponsor, Purex will also be supporting the charitable trust with its World Microbiome Day promotion in June.

About The Gut Foundation

Established in 1993, the Gut Foundation is a charitable trust, committed to promoting gut health through the advancement of education and the promotion, conduct and publication of gut research. Since its inception, the Trust has raised more than $1.5 million for gut health, including funding large research programmes and cutting-edge equipment. For more on the Trust visit, www.thegut.org.nz


From left to right: Margaret Fitzgerald, Alice Fitzgerald, Rolly and Jacob Yikes.

May 2022